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Our people have extensive industry experience in telecommunications and management to ensure that our services and solutions meet your requirements from both a technical and business perspective.

Our unique team of industry professionals represent the highest levels of expertise in the industry.


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Graham Toy
Graham Toy
Managing Director

Graham Toy has over 30 years experience in ICT and telecommunications, including skills and experience in consultancy, management, engineering, design, project management, development, planning, installation and maintenance. Graham has a broad knowledge of information and communications technologies, business systems and applications. He has a Master of Business Administration from Victoria University, a Bachelor of Technology (Information Engineering) from Massey University and a New Zealand Certificate in Engineering (Telecommunications).

He has been employed in a number of key roles including Fundamental Planning Manager, Service Development Manager and Service Implementation Manager for telecommunications service providers. Graham has developed a strong team leadership approach, strategic thinking, dynamic problem solving, and effective relationship building with an outcomes focus. These roles included, developing platform architecture frameworks, economic and cost modelling, broadband carrier interconnect planning and testing, vendor relationships, service invention and creation, identifying future technology and developing technology strategies.

Working as a Senior Engineer for Telecom New Zealand, he worked on a diverse range of broadband telecommunications projects, specialising in ATM-based technologies. This role included the creation of Telecom's national ATM platform, international broadband interconnect, the broadband business development plan, developing request for proposals, supplier evaluation and selection, supplier contract negotiations, architecture planning, network design, technology acceptance testing, quality assurance, deployment and network commissioning, network development, technology life-cycle management, supplier performance evaluation, Y2K conformance and many other activities.

Graham managed the introduction of PABX systems following telecommunication deregulation in New Zealand. He has solved many implementation and support issues associated with nation-wide corporate networks in Australasia, trained engineers on systems in Australia, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea, and successfully delivered on a wide range of major projects.

Network Architectures, Design & Development
ATM/Frame Relay
Switching & Routing
IP Addressing
Network Monitoring & Performance
NMS/OSS platforms

  Network Enablers:
Founder, Director, Principal Consultant focused on analysing, specifying, designing, selecting and applying technologies that enable clients to achieve their business goals.
  Argus Telecommunications:
Fundamental Planning Manager and Service Development Manager for NSW rail telecommunications infrastructure.
  Telecom New Zealand:
Senior Engineer responsible for the development of Telecom's national broadband platforms.
  Philips Australia:
PABX Product Specialist.

MBA - Master of Business Administration, Victoria University
B.Tech (Hons) - Bachelor of Technology (Information Engineering), Massey University
NZCE - New Zealand Certificate in Engineering (Telecommunications)
ATC - Advanced Trade Certificate (Telecommunications)
TC - Trade Certificate (Telecommunications)
  CCDP - Cisco Certified Design Professional

Geoffrey Laurence
ME, BE (HONS), BSc (Phy), IEEE
Principal Consultant

Geoffrey Laurence is a highly skilled and experienced telecommunications engineer. Geoff obtained a Master of Engineering from Auckland University specialising in ADSL technology, a Bachelor of Engineering from Canterbury University and a Bachelor of Science from Victoria University majoring in physics. After university Geoff has worked 6 years in the Telecommunications industry, focused mainly on Internet related technologies.

Working as a Senior Engineer for Telecom New Zealand, Geoff gained a wide range of experience on several carrier platforms, with specialisations in IP, DSL and Unix. His role included the design and development of Telecom's nation-wide dial-up IP platform, broadband ADSL access network, and cellular mobile data network (CDPD - a precursor to GPRS). These platforms span a wide range of telecommunications technologies.

Geoff spent 6 months working for Argus Telecommunications (a division of Rail Access Corporation) as part of a Service Development team that was responsible for the introduction and refinement of technologies used to deliver new telecommunications services.

He has extensive experience in carrier technology strategy, engineering, design, development and deployment of telecommunications platforms and services, documentation of technical specifications, costing models, manage vendor relationships and conduct technology evaluation. The skills and experience developed over the past years makes Geoff Laurence a recognised expert in IP infrastructure.

Routing protocols
CDPD, LMDS, and wireless technologies
Web design & development
SNMP based Network Management

  Network Enablers:
Principal Consultant focused on analysing, specifying, designing, selecting and applying technologies that enable clients to achieve their business goals.
Network Architect for IP infrastructure, working with a consortium on a major bank outsourcing solution.
  Argus Telecommunications:
Service development and delivery for future products.
Network planning and architecture for existing and new technologies.
  Telecom New Zealand:
Strategic future planning for fixed line and mobile technologies.
Network development for future IP related technologies.

ME - Master of Engineering (Electrical and Electronic), Auckland University
BE (Hons) - Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical and Electronic), Canterbury University
BSc - Bachelor of Science (Physics Major), Victoria University
  CCDP - Cisco Certified Design Professional

NZCE (Electronics & Computer Technology)
Senior Consultant

Graham Prowse has been in the information technology and telecommunications industries for over 13 years. He has providing network consultancy services for the past 5 years, specialising in data networking and communications. Graham has applied experience at all levels; encompassing strategic consulting, network architecture through to implementation and operational phases, enabling customers to implement their network strategies. His primary focus areas have been on proposing and implementing leading edge internetworking solutions for telecommunications carriers, service providers and large corporate organisations.

His experience covers a full spectrum of internetworking disciplines, including evaluation, selection, procurement, design, deployment and support. Graham's highly disciplined and professional approach ensures the delivery of industry best practice outcomes.

LAN/WAN technologies
Network protocols & analysis
Routing protocols
Addressing plans
Internet architectures & technologies
Network Management Systems
Web design & development
Systems management
Data management
Systems integration
Network operating systems and services

  Network Enablers:
Senior Consultant focused on analysing, specifying, designing and applying internetworking technologies.
  Telecom NZ Australia:
Developed an integrated IT infrastructure (systems and network) for Service and Network Management services.
  Frontier Internetworking:
Independent Consultant providing internetworking services.
  Argus Telecommunications:
LAN/WAN Architecture Review.
  Netway Communications:
LanLink managed network services performance reporting platform design, development and implementation.
Presales, providing customer solutions and engineering.
Designed DS3 Satellite Internet route.
  Telecom New Zealand:
Designed and developed public dial access platform for multiple ISPs.

NZCE - New Zealand Certificate in Engineering (Electronics & Computer Technology)

Senior Project Manager

Jeffrey Lattimer is highly accomplished in the field of Project Management. Jeff has over 25 years experience in the information technology and telecommunications industries, including over 15 years of project management experience. He has developed skills in project direction and management, people management and development, business development, specialist technologies and strategic consultancy.

Jeff has successfully headed many major, complex internetworking and systems integration projects for Telecom New Zealand, Clear Communications, National Bank, Ericsson, Rabobank Australia, Ministry of Health, Audit New Zealand, The New Zealand Refinery Company and the NSW Rail Network. He has held several key positions including Project Group Manager, Project Director and Senior Project Manager roles.

He has established and managed a professional services group consisting of 14 Project and Senior Project Managers, introduced project methodologies and processes, and led the project management group delivering managed network services. He has also held a major role introducing and implementing cable TV infrastructure, including billing system integration, end-to-end business process development, and the civil construction of the physical cable TV system. Jeff was also instrumental in the introduction of customer account teams, and as Project Director for numerous major customer implementation programmes.

Cable TV

  Network Enablers:
Senior Project Manager focused on co-ordinating and managing major customer projects.
  Argus Telecommunications:
Group Project Manager establishing and managing the professional services group and the introduction of project methodologies and processes.
  Clear Communications:
Group Project Manager establishing and managing the MNS project management group.
Project Director for the deployment and integration of Telecom's cable TV infrastructure and systems.
  Netway Communications:
Variety of project management responsibilities for numerous customer managed network solutions.
  National Bank of New Zealand:
Planning and implementing the Bank's major network upgrades and data centre relocations.
Advised senior management on strategic opportunities for the Bank's IT&T infrastructure.



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