Performance Management  
Your company's IT infrastructure may be its key asset, supporting mission-critical services and applications relied upon by your business. As an IT manager, you are responsible for monitoring and managing that asset to ensure your business operates smoothly and effectively. When an application or server appears to be slow, IT operations are often presumed guilty and placed under intense scrutiny and pressure.

Managing the performance of your network enables you to optimise the consistency and quality of service your users have come to expect. For most end-users application response time is the critical performance indicator that shapes their perception of you and your network's success. Implementing performance management tools helps you reduce the service degrading impacts of network congestion and outage, enabling you to provide the levels of performance your business depends on.





The evolution from reacting to network problems to proactively managing end-user services requires great insight and dedication. The need for performance management systems has never been more important given the influence critical IT systems and applications have on business results.

IT managers face significant challenges satisfying business and executive expectations. Performance is measured by the ability to bring value to the firm through the application of IT that is aligned to corporate goals and objectives. IT managers must provide the infrastructure necessary to deliver the services the business depends most on, set and measure stakeholder expectations, and have the right combination of people, processes and technology required to attain advantage for the firm. Even more challenging is the fact that all this must be achieved under operational and capital budget constraints.

It is virtually impossible managing end-user services successfully without first having the capability to monitor the network. Performance data must be collected to analyse performance levels and trends, and performance baselines or service level agreements must be set before expectations can be meet.

Performance management challenges include:
Are you getting the most from your network infrastructure?
Is your network running at optimal performance?
Have you outgrown your capacity?
How do you validate your SLAs?
What visibility do you have into network utilisation patterns and bottlenecks?
How much time does it take to pinpoint and troubleshoot problems?



Network Enablers helps you implement best-of-breed performance management solutions, tailored to meet your unique needs. We deliver performance management systems that improve business effectiveness by proactively managing the network infrastructure that supports your mission-critical services and applications.

These performance management solutions will help you achieve the highest levels of service for your customers and end-users.

Network Enablers provides you with all the capabilities needed to successfully implement your network performance management solution:
Define required features and services
Define management objectives, operational requirements and business process outcomes
Identify and compare suitable packages
Develop systems architecture, design and support for multi-vendor interoperability
Define performance metrics and thresholds
Configure the performance application and enable network element data collection
Document solution
Implement and test performance management systems and processes

Performance management solutions enable you to:
Proactively identify and diagnose service degradations before they impact end-users
Monitor key network performance indicators
Analyse network capacity usage and trends
Issue alerts when exceptions or thresholds are crossed
Validate service levels agreements
Ensure quality of service levels are maintained
Make informed planning and management decisions



Network Enablers helps service providers and enterprise customers implement performance management solutions. The benefits gained from these solutions include:
Proactively manage network performance
Increase end-to-end performance and quality of service
Maximise network availability by reducing failures and downtime
Manage and validate SLAs
Build brand loyalty by providing objective performance data that proves QoS and SLAs
Gain new customers and retain existing ones
Optimise network resource and capacity utilisation
Improve visibility of network assets

Key benefits:
Improve visibility and control of network assets
Monitor and collect key performance indicators
Optimise network resource utilisation
Identify heavy users of bandwidth
Report key statistics for forecasting and capacity planning
Troubleshoot and pinpoint problems before they become issues
Improve fault response time and reduce downtime







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