Network Health Checks  
Organisations are constantly changing their IT systems as their business requirements evolve over time. This inevitably leads to a network running a multitude of servers, applications and protocols, operating under significantly different traffic patterns than was originally planned. When this causes computers to run slow, customers get inconvenienced, staff frustration sets in, productivity drops off, and your business suffers.

Network Enablers' network health-check is for customers interested in improving the reliability, performance and integrity of their network, to ensure network resources are operating at peak efficiency.



Network Health Monitoring



Managing the health of the network as applications and traffic patterns change over time is a major concern for every network administrator.

Many customers are unaware of exactly what is running on the network, or what has been added to it since it was first implemented. Some notice intermittent problems, but are unclear as to the reasons for poor network performance. Others only become aware of underlying network problems after a new bandwidth hungry application has been launched.

A network health-check helps customers overcome challenging problems, such as the root cause of poor response times or intermittent outages, what protocols are running, which devices use the most resources or are placing operational strain on the network, or what are normal traffic patterns so that when a problem occurs it is quickly identified.

Network health-checks address a range of challenging problems:
What causes intermittent outages and why do they continue to resurface?
What is causing poor response times?
What steps must be taken to reduce congestion and service degradation?
What performance levels are normal or excessive?
What effect will new applications have on existing traffic patterns?
What actions will improve network stability and performance?



Our network health-check is an independent examination, assessment and review of your network. It provides you with a detailed report on the current status of your network, identifying errors, providing statistics for trend analysis and makes recommendations for problem resolution and future growth.

Our consultants have extensive experience in multivendor and multiprotocol networks. The goal of the network health-check is to:
review the network topology, redundancy, addressing and routing
identify single points of failure, bandwidth or resource waste and points of congestion
measure bandwidth utilisation (average/peak), top talkers, frame sizes and protocol utilisation
check router memory and CPU utilisation
interpret fault logs, alarm history and other performance reports
examine equipment configuration settings
determine, analyse and pinpoint the cause of any underlying network performance problems such as slow response times, retransmissions, time-outs and lost connections

Network Health-Check Process:
Analyse existing network
Collect performance & utilisation statistics
Check logs and history
Review configurations
Diagnose any problems
Analyse the information
Establish conclusions and recommendations
Develop comprehensive report



A network health-check helps you proactively manage your network and assists you with planning your systems and operations before adding new applications or functionality.

Our network health-check helps you to:
proactively manage your network
understand traffic flows and bottlenecks
identify and pinpoint any current problems that need to be rectified
plan the actions necessary to balance the network for efficient operation
review network capacity to enable new applications and support future growth
make short and long term recommendations to improve network performance, reliability and stability to avoid sudden failure

Our network health-check reports are used to:
replace concerns with quantified information necessary to make decisions
help plan all the elements necessary for a successful migration
justify upgrades or improvements to make ready for growth
validate a proposed solution based on the results

Our comprehensive network health-check report consists of:
Executive summary
Topology review
Performance & utilisation assessment
Configuration review
Interpret logs and history
Diagnosis of performance problems
Conclusions and recommendations







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