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A project's success is ultimately determined by how well it is managed. Because projects are performed by people and constrained by limited resources they must be carefully planned, skilfully executed and tightly controlled throughout the project life-cycle.

Network Enablers provides the project management expertise, ability and understanding required to deliver telecommunications solutions on schedule, within budget, to the required quality with greater productivity, improved communication and lower risk.



Project Desk



While executives have overall responsibility for the firm, they may not always have a full appreciation of complex IT&T projects. They rely on the expertise of project management professionals for advice and guidance, ensuring capital is wisely spent to maximise return on investment.

Project Managers must balance the competing demands for scope, time, cost, risk, quality and limited resources, each with the potential to jeopardise the project's success.

Project Managers must also have the interpersonal skills necessary to structure, motivate and co-ordinate the project team, while limiting team-member turnover, resolving conflict, sorting our responsibilities and securing commitment. At the same time, they must be armed with the tools and techniques required to fend off uncontrolled scope creep, compensate for delays, fill in communication gaps, and handle the uncertainties that place projects at risk.

Common challenges faced by project managers:
Uncontrolled scope creep
Lack of clarity
Unclear responsibilities
Lack of commitment
Conflicting priorities
Capital budget constraints
Delays to critical dependencies
Inadequate recognition and reaction to change
Competing demands for limited resources
Communications breakdowns



Network Enablers' project management services are driven by our proven project management framework:

Scope Management
At the start of the project your Project Manager meets with key stakeholders to assess their needs, seek commitment and obtain the approvals needed for project initiation. The Project Manager then plans, defines and documents the objectives, requirements and project deliverables to ensure everyone involved in the project understands the scope of work before the project proceeds.

Schedule Management
To ensure timely completion of the project, a comprehensive schedule is developed that covers activity definition, sequencing and estimated duration. Realistic start and finish dates for all project activities are gathered participatively then analysed using techniques such as CPM and PERT to highlight major milestones and constraints. Your Project Manager will develop Gantt charts to show expected durations and task dependencies. The schedule baseline is used to communicate status, evaluate progress, monitor variance and make recommendations to ensure the project remains on track.

Project Integration
Project integration includes the processes required to ensure the various elements of the project are properly co-ordinated. It involves working with stakeholders to make necessary trade-offs between competing objectives and alternatives. Your Project Manager will develop a comprehensive project implementation plan to guide project execution, facilitate communication, record decisions, constraints, assumptions and risks, providing a baseline to measure progress and control change.

Cost Management
To ensure your project is completed within budget, cost management is used to control the cost of the resources needed to complete the project activities. Your Project Manager will obtain cost estimates of the resources required to complete all project activities within the work breakdown structure. This budget is used to measure and monitor actual costs and control any variances.

Resource Coordination
Resource co-ordination involves making the most effective use of the people, finance, tools and equipment needed to ensure your project's success. We will work with you to determine the project's roles and responsibilities, reporting relationships and getting staff assigned to work on the project. Your Project Manager will provide direction to the team and co-ordinating activities and resources throughout the life of the project.

Communications Plan

Effective communication ensures timely and appropriate generation, collection, dissemination and storage of project information. Your Project Manager will develop a communications plan, establish a central source of project information and facilitate the exchange of information to ensure everyone involved is kept fully informed. This includes the regular status and progress reports needed to make informed decisions, track performance and monitor project activities, milestones and deliverables.

Risk Management
Project risks are uncertain events or conditions that may cause the project to deviate from the project plan. Risk management is the systematic process of identifying, analysing and responding to project risks. Your Project Manager will develop a risk management plan to identify, quantify, monitor, respond to and control project risks.

Quality Management
Quality management helps to ensure the project's deliverables are on time, within budget, according to specifications, while meeting the user's needs and expectations. Your Project Manager may develop a quality plan that identifies the standards used to plan, manage, control and deliver the project effectively. Quality assurance and control techniques are used to provide confidence that the project's deliverables satisfy the relevant quality standards and business results.

Network Enablers'
project management services are based on our project management framework.

Scope Management
Schedule Management
Project Integration
Cost Management
Resource Co-ordination
Communications Plan
Risk Management
Quality Management

Network Enablers' project management services are tailored to suit your specific requirements, giving you the freedom and flexibility to control your project's success.

Project Life-cycle:
Monitoring & Control
Acceptance & Handover
Project Review


Network Enablers provides the project management expertise necessary to reduce time to customer, mitigate risks and optimise the use of resources required to make your project a success.

Our project managers take an achievement driven approach that is focused on delivering clearly defined business outcomes, while paying rigorous attention to technical detail.

Network Enablers proven methodologies and experience ensures your project is proactively managed and professionally executed from concept to close-out.

Key Benefits:
Partnership approach via single point of contact
Kept fully informed to make timely decisions
Track performance and control change
Identify, assess and mitigate project risks
Optimise use of resources and project success







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