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Net Perspective enables small to medium-sized enterprises to monitor the performance of their network infrastructure anytime, anywhere from a standard web browser. Net Perspective reduces network management costs and improves operational effectiveness by minimising outages and downtime. It provides IT managers with the comprehensive network performance and fault information needed to support the mission-critical services and applications relied upon by your business.

Net Perspective provides end-to-end visibility across your entire network infrastructure allowing you to monitor and manage routers, switches, servers and firewalls using SNMP. It provides device management capabilities that enable detailed performance monitoring, alarm management, service level validation, remote troubleshooting and performance reporting. These powerful capabilities allow network administrators to proactively manage network resources, quickly pinpoint and solve problems, anticipate demand, analyse Internet usage and monitor utilisation trends.


"If you can't measure it, you can't manage it."

Key Business Benefits
Key Business Benefits
Improves Quality of Service (QoS). Net Perspective enables you to increase service levels and the availability of mission-critical IP-based services and applications. Net Perspective validates SLAs by monitoring threshold levels, shows where service objectives have been met, and provides event correlation to identify substandard performance.

Faster Proactive Troubleshooting. Net Perspective sends proactive alerts notifying appropriate personnel of impending trouble according to problem severity. This helps staff quickly pinpoint and resolve faults behind the scenes before problems turn into customer affecting meltdowns.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Net Perspective reduces support and infrastructure costs to maximise ROI and profitability. Network Enablers provides all the customisation, training, ongoing maintenance and administration needed, avoiding the costly hardware, software and integration work required to build similar systems in-house.

Improves Visibility of Network Assets. Net Perspective provides visibility of essential performance and fault information across multiple environments (IP, FR, ATM, DSL, leased line). This enables you to track, manage and maximise network asset utilisation, improve productivity, and make informed IT management decisions.

Net Perspective bridges the gap in IT operations by giving you:
Total end-to-end network visibility
Network performance and fault information from a standard web-browser
Traffic monitoring of key performance indicators on all network devices
Reports of key statistics for forecasting and capacity planning
Trends of utilisation, throughput, health and response times
Knowledge of impending problems before users are affected
Faster troubleshooting and fault solving to reduce downtime
Warnings and alerts based on problem severity levels

Key Features
Key Features
Staying on top of your IT operations requires responsiveness and dedication to customer service. Net Perspective helps you run your business smoothly and effectively by providing:

Monitoring - displays dynamic status of network devices
Event management - signals active alarms
Reporting - reports detailed performance of network health, response times, outages and nodes
Asset management - lists inventory of network elements
Problem management - provides simple to use troubleshooting tools
Automated fault management - automatically sends remote alarm notifications for proactive fault response and support
Trend analysis - generates graphs of network health, response times, availability, throughput, and utilisation over time
Performance analysis - records historical logs of network alarms, events and outages
SLA management - validates SLAs and reports exceptions against predefined thresholds
Web-based console - provides rich graphical user interface via standard web browsers.

Net Perspective helps you improve your ability to support your end-user customers.

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Topology Map
Topology Map



Systems Architecture
Systems Architecture
Net Perspective is a cost-effective subscription-based service that collects, processes and tracks information about your network. It operates on a centralised server that is either hosted on your site or tele-housed in a remote data centre. It uses the popular SNMP protocol to poll and query devices over an IP network. Network administrators access the service using a standard web browser.

Net Perspective is a low entry cost solution because you do not need to purchase expensive servers or protocol analysers, implement software upgrades, or perform complex system integration and configuration tasks. Network Enablers will work with you to customise and integrate Net Perspective into your LAN/WAN environment, and provide ongoing administrative and support of your Net Perspective system. All you need is a standard web browser and you're up and running.

To find out more about how Net Perspective can help your business operate more smoothly, contact Network Enablers today.




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