Service providers and enterprises refresh technologies on a regular basis to increase productivity, enable new applications and remain competitive. But uncertainties about the capabilities and economics of new technologies often slows implementation.

Customers question which network technologies, standards, products and architectures to deploy. They seek accurate, timely and impartial advice in order to make informed decisions that reduce business risks and disruptions.

Vendors and systems integrators recognise their customer's needs for more than a simple box-drop proposition, single product range or proprietary management system. Customers have legacy technologies and systems that must continue to operate without disruption as new platforms are rolled out.

Network Enablers works with vendors to deliver the best technology solutions available for service providers and enterprise customers. We have the independence to build co-operative vendor relationships and the expertise to do the integration work required in complex multivendor environments.

Network Enablers provides the complementary services needed to win and deliver successful point solutions, turnkey solutions or complete outsourcing. We provide the architecture, design, development, and project management services required to migrate and integrate network technology into the customer's business.


Switching Switching
Transport Transport

The vendor solutions outlined above represent a selection of our capabilities. Our experience has identified that every customer has unique requirements, with dynamic and changing needs. We will tailor a flexible solution to meet expectations, as your requirements dictate.

Architecture & Design Architecture & Design
Project Management Project Management
Testing, Prototyping & Staging Testing, Prototyping & Staging
Documentation Documentation
Implementation Planning Implementation Planning
Migration Planning Migration Planning
Platform Integration Platform Integration
RFP/Tender Management RFP/Tender Management
Supply & Support Contracts Supply & Support Contracts
Systems Architecture Systems Architecture
Other Services Other Services


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