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Architecture and design requires a deep understanding of business and market drivers, technical requirements, the existing operational environment and the future service portfolio. Architecture describes a complete and coherent end-to-end solution, while design details its component parts, their function and interrelationships.

Architecture frameworks articulate the guidelines, rules, methods and procedures for developing comprehensive service delivery platforms, to master complexity and ensure consistency of network design, management and operations.



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Next generation networks must take full advantage of enabling technologies to offer profitable new services and applications that increase revenues and productivity, minimise investment and reduce operating costs.

Architecture clearly involves much more than finding the best technical solutions. It must be:
Aligned to business needs and requirements
Express overarching concepts and specific capabilities
Easily understood by network designers, planners, builders and operators
Balance trade-offs between being precise enough to ensure successful operation of the system as a whole, while not restricting the implementation of particular components.

Design is an engineering discipline requiring sound judgement, experience and attention to detail. Designers must balance competing demands for performance, reliability, scaleability and cost, while creating functional, efficient and resilient solutions.

Solution architecture and design challenges include:
Analyse and translate business requirements into technical solutions
Solve problems of diverse scope and scale
Leverage existing investments in equipment to avoid forklift upgrades
Understand a wide range of technologies, standards and protocols
Develop end-to-end models of the network equipment and support systems required to fulfil the customer's needs of today and the future
Balance business demands against performance, reliability, scaleability and cost
Create functional, practical and achievable networks that are easy to implement, operate and maintain



Whether you are planning a new network, introducing new technology or preparing for converged services, our architecture and design expertise helps clients plan and deliver the necessary infrastructure to meet today's requirements while scaling for tomorrow's needs.

Based on your business requirements, our high-level end-to-end architecture frameworks guide the development of your network and operations. Once the architecture is selected we develop detailed network designs, customised to meet the needs of the particular carrier or enterprise solution.

Network Enablers vendor-neutral approach allows you to leverage the best technologies over time. Our experience encompasses a wide range of technology areas covering core transport, switching, routing and access platforms for the delivery of data, voice and video services.

DSL Optical Transport LAN/WAN Frame Relay

Our proven methodologies enable us to develop customised architecture frameworks and comprehensive network designs, documented to cover the physical, logical, functional, process and systems aspects of the enterprise or service provider solution.

Design Methodology:
Analyse requirements
Evaluate technology
Develop topology
Detail technical specifications
Establish naming and addressing conventions
Test & validate design assumptions

Technology Areas:

Our architecture and design services encompass all major network technology areas from LAN switching to optical core transport and more.


Architecture frameworks provide the means to communicate high-level views of your target architecture, guiding infrastructure development with consistency, structure and purpose.

Network design decomposes the overarching architecture into its components parts, giving order to complexity in ways that enable rapid and flexible integration and deployment into existing networks and operations. Good network design leads to scaleable, stable, cost-effective platforms that are easy to implement, troubleshoot and manage.

Network Enablers' architecture and design services bridge the gap between business requirements and technology implementation, guiding the development of lasting carrier and enterprise platforms for service delivery and growth.

Key benefits from sound architecture and design:
Vehicle to communicate and guide consistency, structure and purpose
Documented frameworks
Flexibility & adaptability
Ease of implementation
Reliability & availability
Ease of service & troubleshooting







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