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Network Enablers provides customised research services on telecommunications products, services and markets. We help clients identify, classify and understand the principal factors that impinge on strategic decision making.

Our research services aim to provide the depth of understanding needed to neutralise threats and leverage opportunities. Based on sound analytical and evaluative techniques, we use both quantitative data and qualitative results to develop research that is sound, relevant and applicable.

We have the independence and expertise required to conduct a range of research assignments, including competitive analysis, product evaluations, and marketing research services.



Research Material



What position does your company hold in the market? Can you defend that position over time? What unique characteristics differentiate your offerings? What investments are required today to gain market share in the future? These challenging questions underpin many critical business decisions.

Existing views and opinions may cloud judgement, stifle innovation and lead to poor choices. Fresh, objective and independent information is crucial when evaluating new telecommunications technologies, products and market opportunities.



Network Enablers provides a range of independent research services on behalf of individual clients, including competitive analysis, product evaluations, and marketing research.

Competitive Analysis
To prepare an effective marketing strategy you must first understand your competitors and their influence on your market. Competitive analysis enables you to effectively position against competitors, giving you the strongest possible competitive advantage.

After identifying your major competitors, we gather, analyse, interpret and report on relevant information about their objectives, strategies, strengths, weaknesses, capabilities, and predict how they will respond to others targeting the same opportunity.

Product Evaluation
With so many vendor products and carrier services on the market today, how do you choose the combination that best fits your requirements? Network Enablers performs product evaluations to help you assess the value and potential of telecommunications products, services, technologies and applications.

Our product evaluation service provides you with objective, independent comparative choice information. We help you select several products and compare them in terms of strategic fit, cost-effectiveness, features, performance, reliability, support and other important criteria, so that you get the most from your investments and avoid costly mistakes.

Marketing Research
Whether you are getting ready to identify or evaluate customer needs, create of modify marketing plans, or launch or change products, you face a critical business decision that will lead to either profit or loss. Information is the key component in developing successful marketing strategies.

Marketing research involves the systematic gathering, recording, and analysing of data used to provide information to support marketing decision making. Research results are used to:
identify and define marketing opportunities and problems
generate, refine and evaluate marketing actions
monitor marketing performance or trends and forces in the environment
analyse market potential and market share
understand customer satisfaction
understand customer purchase intentions

Competitive Analysis
Product Evaluation
Marketing Research

Research Process:
Define the problem
Determine the sources of information
Collect the relevant data
Analyse, interpret and present the results

Analysis Techniques
5 Forces
Value Chain

Information sources may include the company's own personnel, suppliers, resellers, and customers. Information may also be gathered from company web sites, annual reports, news bulletins, press releases, trade publications, trade shows and advertising.


Competitive analysis enables you to:
differentiate your offerings in meaningful ways
develop a stronger more compelling market position that is focused on influencing and enhancing your customer's purchasing decision
develop your own products in ways that leverage your unique strengths
maintain competitive advantage

Product evaluation helps you:
select the best product to fulfil your needs
assess the true value and potential of products to maximise your investment
expose hidden flaws and weaknesses to avoid pitfalls and costly mistakes
overcome limited views and preconceived opinions by using independent and objective expertise and advice

Marketing research benefits include:
knowing how to connect with your customers
new ideas for increasing and influencing your customer's purchasing decision
maximising each customer encounter to increase sales, profits and loyalty
validate your plans







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