Network Development  
When it comes to major technology procurement, steps must be taken to minimise risks. Failure to adequately plan and manage the deployment of new network technologies and services invites disaster.

Network development projects are more than simply deploying technology into the network, they require integration into the business. Design, development and delivery must be carefully planned and skilful executed. Responsibility should not stop at implementation, integration into the maintenance and operational support processes are essential to any project's ultimate success.

Network Enablers' network development services translate business demands into networking solutions, take advantage of emerging technologies, obtain the best price-performance possible, and position firms for growth and expansion.

We lead organisations through the planning, evaluation and testing processes to make sound judgements about technologies, applications, products and vendors. Our services identify how networking technology can improve organisational performance, and how hidden costs can impact the budget.

Since the networking environment is so essential, Network Enablers has developed a comprehensive range of network development services. These include facilities, functional and technical specifications, cost modelling, procurement management, asset management and RFP/Tender management, platform integration, testing, prototyping & staging, through to supply & support contracts and vendor negotiations.


Your organisation will leverage our highly skilled resources, with extensive experience in the following services.

Cost Modelling Cost Modelling
Facilities Specifications Facilities Specifications
Functional Specifications Functional Specifications
Platform Integration Platform Integration
Procurement Management Procurement Management
RFP/Tender Management RFP/Tender Management
Supply & Support Contracts Supply & Support Contracts
Technical Specifications Technical Specifications
Testing, Prototyping & Staging Testing, Prototyping & Staging
Vendor Negotiations

The services described above represent a selection of our capabilities. Our experience has identified that every customer has unique requirements, with dynamic and changing needs. We will tailor a flexible solution to meet expectations, as your requirements dictate.


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