Service Development  
Service providers that clearly understand what customers need and translate those needs into services will capture and hold market share. But those that struggle over how to define and meet customer expectations will find survival difficult.

Service providers must be agile and responsive to the demands and expectations of customers, while being able to adapt and link more strongly to new technologies. Coping with a fast moving market and increased rates of change in technology requires a framework for rapid service development.

Network Enablers help service providers successfully create and launch new service offerings, accelerate the speed of development, build identity, expand into new markets and generate new revenues. We help our clients develop innovative services that provide competitive differentiation in meaningful ways, resulting in a more compelling and focused market position.

We seek out untapped potential in existing platforms and provide insight into new technologies, products and services that shape future opportunities, such as managed services delivery, bundling and cross-selling and mass customisation opportunities.

We assist in developing tools and processes to build and manage service elements within the architecture of next-generation service delivery platforms. This includes providing linkages into service provisioning systems, billing systems and customer support systems, and the development of collateral to speed up the service development process, improve quality and reduce time to revenue.

Network Enablers provides assistance in a range of service development areas, including service creation, service descriptions, service specifications, SLA development, channel support services and process engineering.


Your organisation will leverage our highly skilled resources, with extensive experience in the following services.

Process Engineering Process Engineering
Service Creation Service Creation
Service Specifications Service Specifications
SLA Development SLA Development

The services described above represent a selection of our capabilities. Our experience has identified that every customer has unique requirements, with dynamic and changing needs. We will tailor a flexible solution to meet expectations, as your requirements dictate.


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