Analysis & Design  
Good problem-solving and decision-making requires a deep awareness of what's working and what's not, where you are today, where you want to be in the future, and what needs to be done to get there. What worked in the past is not always relevant to the future because of outdated information or inaccurate perceptions of the wide variety of alternatives available.

Network Enablers helps you maximise your project's success by providing an objective, in-depth analysis of the challenges faced and the expertise needed to design the solution.

We offer accurate audits and site surveys to assess your network's physical, logical, performance and capacity information, providing a framework for designing, planning and optimisation.

Utilising the results analysed, we evaluate viable alternatives and develop a comprehensive network architecture and design. Designing the network infrastructure includes the evaluation of new internetworking technologies that leverage past investments, minimise disruption and allow for growth to accommodate future applications.

We provide documentation of both new and existing network architectures, site-specific designs, diagrams, equipment details, performance criteria and capacity projections, redundancy assessment, management features and operational tactics.

Other services in this category include capacity planning, data modelling, disaster recovery planning, security frameworks, systems architecture and technology evaluations.


Your organisation will leverage our highly skilled resources, with extensive experience in the following services.

Architecture & Design
Audits & Site Surveys
Capacity Planning
Data Modelling
Disaster Recovery Planning
Security Frameworks
Systems Architecture
Technology Evaluations

The services described above represent a selection of our capabilities. Our experience has identified that every customer has unique requirements, with dynamic and changing needs. We will tailor a flexible solution to meet expectations, as your requirements dictate.


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